Natural Soap since 1967

SFIC is the leading manufacturer of natural luxury soaps worldwide. Here, customers can find quality soap bars, liquid soap bases, M&P (melt and pour) soap bases, and order their own custom soaps. We are dedicated to incorporating the finest ingredients in our formulas and melt and pour bases. We offer a full line of additives for creating your specialty soaps, such as exfoliating bars, scented soap, soaps made with organic oils, and much more. Our bars can be molded with over 1,000 different shapes, including round soaps, rectangle soaps, curved bar soaps, and many others.

“As natural as we can make it.” Our glycerin soap is made the old-fashioned way with the finest qualities, and adjusted for crafters’ uses. Our manufacturing process is similar to how soap makers have produced soap for hundreds of years. We make our soap in the “hot process” by means of a reaction of vegetable oils, with alkali in large vessels until completion daily. During this cooking process, we can add all sorts of ingredients, such as butters, oils, extracts, exfoliants, and even pure liquid goat’s milk. Eventually, we also add colorants, fragrances, and essential oils to specifications