SFIC Terms and Conditions

Shipping, Ordering, Payment Procedure Terms and Conditions:

  • By placing an order either on our website or confirming a custom private label estimate (additional terms here) you are agreeing to the below and linked terms and conditions.
  •  You are responsible to make sure that the delivery information is correct. Any order/address changes made after the shipment leaves our manufacturing facility may have additional costs added by the trucker.
  • Please get a shipping quote before you place your order via our Shipping Quote Form if it is your first order or if you are unfamiliar with shipping pallets.
  • We do not ship parcel UPS & FedEx etc. We ship via LTL or Truckload only.
  • Shipping costs will be determined by the cheapest of our trusted carriers once order placement if you choose for us to find your LTL rate (residential or business delivery). You are always welcome to use your preferred freight carrier for delivery. 
  • By placing an order, you agree that your method of payment will be charged for all shipping costs including those added at the time of delivery. What can be added?  Please refer to your shipping quote or click here for more information on cost added services during delivery. 
  • We will not contact you before arranging and charging shipping costs to your method of payment. Please note if you would like a quote prior to shipment, we are always happy to do so!

Shipping & Delivery Times

  • Please note that we do not control trucking companies and delays can occur.  Please plan accordingly.  We are happy to give you an estimate on when the order will be delivered or for more detailed information, please follow your shipment via the carrier's website with the tracking information given the evening of shipment pickup. 
  • If you need a shipment delivery to be on time, we suggest getting guaranteed delivery.  This is a cost added service.  If this is not chosen the trucker can take weeks to deliver.  This is rare but does happen, and they will not give you a discount for the delay.

Shipment Processing Time:

  • Stocked item orders normally ship within hours – 3 business days of online order placement.  Custom orders are normally 3-6 weeks depending on order size and items needed for the order.
  • Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends unless additional fee is paid for this service.

Shipment Confirmation and order tracking:

  • You will receive an automatic confirmation generated by the online order placement on our website via email. For custom orders we ask that you confirm our estimate via email.
  • Once your order is picked up by the carrier you will receive the pro/tracking number and trucker information. Please visit carrier's website to see when your order is estimated to be delivered. Remember someone must physically be there to sign the delivery receipt (meaning to verify that the order is in correct and excellent condition). Truckers deliver often without appointments.  If no one is there to receive the order the trucker will need to redeliver.  This is at additional cost to you.

When your order arrives:   

We package shipments very carefully since a damaged shipment is a great inconvenience to customers adding more delivery days. Please make sure your order looks like this when it arrives:


  • You will see many stickers on your pallet such as "Do Not Break Down Pallet, Do Not Double Stack, High Claim Item $, This pallet contains ____ items, Inspect for Damage Before Excepting" and others.  There will also be Invoice/packing list on the top of the pallet for you to open and check the order.
  • Our pallets are shrink wrapped thoroughly and larger pallets have straps and or edges. This extra time and effort to make the pallet tight and not desirable for the driver/terminal/freight companies to "break down" in transit. If your pallet does not look like the pictures above BEWARE and make sure to note any discrepancy (more info below)

Products Damaged/Lost in Transit:

If SFIC has routed the shipment for you (Freight prepaid by SFIC) we will handle the damage claim if you follow these instructions:

  1. Inspect your shipment thoroughly upon delivery BEFORE SIGNING RECEIPT. When you sign for the delivery, it means that your order is in good condition and that all items have arrived. Please see above pictures showing what you order should look like when delivered. 
  2. If damage and or shortage (we put on each pallet _____ items in this order pallet) make sure to sign accordingly. "7 cases 1 lb. goat's milk soap blocks missing, 2 clear Tubs damaged" etc.  Some truckers do not have a place for you to sign due to 'contactless delivery' since Covid. Please make sure to tell them there is damage and request the driver give you a claim number on his/her device at that time or some sort of copy.  You can also take a picture!
  3. Take LOTS of photos of the damage/loss including how it looks on the truck, how it looks taken off etc. Every picture is very helpful for our claim.
  4. If damage is beyond salvage, you can refuse the entire order. Even then take a picture for the claim.
  5. Email and us at info@sficcorp.com with the above.
  6. Await confirmation by SFIC that the claim is in process and next steps. Do not dispose or use the product that is damaged since inspection will be required for the claim. If you do so you will be charged for that product.

Stocked item Return Policy:

For return or replacement, we have a limit of two years from the invoice date for stocked items.

Orders that have not shipped (stocked products only) we are happy to cancel and refund in full at no cost.

Orders that have shipped you will be responsible for the freight cost.  We will do our best to 'catch' the LTL shipment but often we cannot turn the order around until it does reach the destination.  Thus, there will be additional shipping charges.

Returned orders must be in resale condition and have a 20% restocking fee and you are responsible for the return freight. SFIC is happy to coordinate the pickup for you with your approval.

Custom or Private label orders cannot be cancelled once in production.

    International Shipping Policy

    Customs, Duties, and Taxes:

    www.sficcorp.com is not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your order. If you do not have a resale number in the state of California, you will be charged sales tax.

    • If you have never shipped an SFIC order internationally, please contact us at info@sficcorp.com before ordering.
    • SFIC has many international customers, and we are happy to ship anywhere.
    • You must use your own preferred import broker for international delivery.
    • We can usually ship to any US port for a better price than brokers.