Custom Private Label Soap Terms and Conditions

Custom Private Label Soap Terms and Conditions:

  • If you are sending us your additives, vitamins, colors, fragrances etc. we have not tested them over long periods of time.  We do not know if they will fade, soften, or change the soap in 1 week or 2 years.  Our stocked colors, fragrances, additives etc. we are familiar with the aging process. Please ask us if you need more information about changes in soap over time.
  • Soap Yields can be anywhere from +- 30% in small batches at or around 2000 bars and +- 5% in batches of 20,000 or more. You will be required to take the entire batch.
  • If you need at least _____ bars, please make sure to let us know.  We will do our best to accommodate.
  • Fresh soap weight changes over time.  Make sure to check your label weight with your product.  Example: 4.4 oz soap bar may change to 4.1 in one years’ time.

  • When sending your labels, boxes, or other packaging, please make sure to send at least 5% over the desired order as we will have machine modification along with yields on actual soap production.  We will send you the overage or underage along with unused items if you wish or store them here for future if you prefer.

To place an order:

  • Send us your purchase order by email or approve our estimate sent to you.
  • Signed approved sample soap bar with formula and all additives (or a picture including our label)
  • All packaging materials labels, cartons, etc. to SFIC before production
  • All additives and fragrances to SFIC before production
  • Prepayment of estimated order 
  • Signed approved customer order quote form.