LTL and TL Delivery Acessorials


What are Acessorials?
Acessorials (cost added additional services) are the fees that can be added to your delivery both before and at the time of your delivery. LTL (Less than Truckload) deliveries are made only to the curb/dock of a business address then unloaded by the consignee (buyer) either by forklift or loading dock.
Please let us know prior to the delivery what is needed. That way when we run rate quotes all of the items can be compared side by side finding the least expensive shipping rate for your needs. Some carriers charge $25 for a lift gate and others charge $150! If you add an accessorial at delivery it could become very costly. 
The most common cost added services are:
  • Residential delivery: This is for a delivery to a zoned residential address. If your address comes up on Zillow or other home websites in a search most likely you are zoned residential.  Not to worry!  We ship a great deal to residential addresses and have even negotiated contracts with some of our carriers to have a zero residential fee.  But just like any other fee that can be added please let us know prior to shipping so that we can find you the best rate.
  • Lift Gate Fee: This is the elevator on the back of a truck that lowers the pallet from the bed of the truck to the ground for those who do not have a forklift or loading dock.  You will need this if ordering a drum (500 lbs) or anything over a few boxes. $25-$150
  • Delivery Appointment: Truckers will not call you prior to delivery.  If you need to make sure you are home or ready for the delivery, we suggest a delivery appointment.  Often this can delay your delivery unless you call them ahead of time with tracking information, we give you the evening the shipment leaves our facility. You are welcome to call the trucker for free at any time and ask when the delivery will take place for free. $10-$40 
  • Inside Delivery: This is not just for inside it actually means for the trucker to move the pallet anywhere for you with their pallet jack.  It could be just up the driveway a few feet or it could be inside your industrial roll up door.  Both can be considered inside delivery. (Please note the trucker will not break down the pallet and stack the items for you like a parcel service) $45-$300
  • Redelivery Fee: If you are not there when the trucker arrives with your pallet, they will need to come back another day. They may also add on a delivery appointment fee since they will need to call and make one with you for the redelivery. Unlike parcel you do not have a few attempts for free. $70-$180
  • Guaranteed Delivery: We can tell you approximately when the order will be delivered (95% of the time unless there is weather, or the pallet is misrouted) and you can always follow the progress on the trucker's website or call them for a ETA. But if you need an order by Friday at 5pm etc. we recommend this service.  Truckers can deliver weeks late and there is no discount.  With Guaranteed Delivery the shipping is free if the window is missed (minus severe weather along the transit). $varies
  • Limited Access: This is an ambiguous term and can be used for many situations such as a road that is difficult to maneuver, long private driveway, gravel with potholes, non-regulation loading dock, area that a small truck is required etc. If you are worried about your delivery being Limited Access please let us know and we are happy to talk to the carrier prior to shipping your order to make sure that your delivery goes smoothly, and cost is known prior to shipment. $varies

Please let us know prior to shipment if you would like more information.  We enjoy finding our customers the best shipping for their delivery needs and always want you to be fully informed about your shipment so that there are no surprises. During checkout online just put in the notes area that you would like to approve cost prior to shipping your order and we are happy to research your delivery address and get your confirmation.